On-Site Fitness Classes

Corporate Wellness

When you’re pressed for time do you find that your workout, something for yourself, is the first thing off of your to-do list? You can save travel time and enjoy the convenience of having a group fitness class just minutes away from your desk. We can bring a workout to you before or after work - or even during your lunch hour. Thirty-minute express classes are the perfect option to help you keep your work day and your workout on track.


You don’t need to be as flexible as Gumby to do well in this yoga class. It’s perfect for beginners, giving you a gentle stretch and some strengthening. Learn how to do each pose so it works for your body. Leave with a physical and mental boost.

Bring your own mat, a bottle of water, and wear comfortable clothing.


You will be surprised at how much you can get done in thirty minutes. Pilates is a surprisingly effective way to strengthen your core and increase your flexibility. Improved core strength is a great way to decrease or eliminate back pain. Having greater flexibility helps you move through your day with much less effort and reduces risk of injury.

Bring your own mat, a bottle of water, and wear comfortable clothing.


Resistance cables and a few unique pieces of equipment keep this workout challenging and different from the norm. In thirty minutes you will strengthen chest, back, shoulders, arms, legs, and core.

Wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes. Bring a bottle of water. Instructor will bring equipment to class.