Take a Screen Break: Do 10 on the 10

Take a Screen Break

You’ve heard of taking a screenshot. How about taking a screen break? Ten minutes after the hour take a screen break and do some type of physical activity. Choose an easy activity or exercise and do ten of them. This brief break will help your brain and your body feel and perform better throughout the day. Take a screen break: do 10 on the 10.

Here are a few examples:

Screen break #1 - At 9:10 am do 10 calf raises

Lift up and down on your tiptoes, slowly, ten times on each leg. You can use the back of your office chair for balance or stand on your own.

Screen break #2 - At 10:10 am do 10 squats

These can be standing on your own in your office or using your chair as a “spotter”.  Good form is: hips back, knees over your ankles, and head up. If you are using your chair, hover just above the seat without coming to a complete rest ON the chair, then rise to standing. The best mental image for this: think of a port-a-potty. Perfect form every time.

Screen break #3 - At 11:10 am do 10 leg lifts

You can use your chair or a wall to steady yourself. Or, stand on your own to work on balance as well as leg strength. Standing up straight, with your shoulders over your hips, slowly lift your right leg out to the side. Perform ten repetitions with your right leg, then ten with your left leg.

10 on the 10 isn’t just for exercises - try stretching as well.  When you spend hours in front of a computer screen the back muscles tend to become weak and overstretched while the chest muscles become tight. This causes your upper back and shoulders to round forward, toward that screen.  This stretch can help your posture: place your hands behind your head.  Bring your elbows back without forcing your head forward. Maintain a good posture by keeping your shoulders over your hips.  Hold this stretch for 30 seconds.

Ever notice that your neck aches after hours of clicking on the keyboard? Your shoulders creep up towards your ears, causing that neck and upper back stiffness. This stretch can help alleviate that stiffness: gently tilt your left ear toward your left shoulder. Tilt just enough to feel a stretch, but not a strain, on the right side of your neck. Deepen this stretch by extending your right arm out to the side. Hold this stretch for 30 seconds. Repeat for the other side.

Regain your focus and mental clarity with these brief breaks so you can complete that important project brilliantly.  Remember to take a screen break and do 10 on the 10!