Goal Setting for Dream Catching

Dream Catcher in Nature

We’ve all been to workshops, webinars, and seminars telling us how to set goals. Set SMART goals. Put these goals in writing using powerful language. Have an action plan. Strategize. Blah, blah, blah. If you got a nickel for every time you sat down to plan SMART goals, would you be a millionaire by now? Stop dream-chasing. Get help in goal setting for dream catching.

Have you considered why you are goal setting? What are you chasing? What is the ROI? Really, what is the return on the investment of your time, energy and money, into this goal?

Fitness goals are no different than the career, family, financial, and retirement goals that you have set. What do you want to DO? Just like spending your money, how do you want to spend your good health? You have a lot of life ahead of you. A good life requires good health.

A good trainer will tell you HOW to become healthier. A great trainer will help you discover WHY you want to become healthier. Is running a 5k on your bucket list? Do you plan to do some hiking at a national park this summer? Or, did you want to start gardening again and getting up off the ground is a bit more difficult than you remember?

Goals aren’t just about the how - they are about the why. When you work with a personal trainer you aren’t just spending time on yourself, you are investing time in yourself and those dreams. Stop dream chasing. Start doing some real goal setting for dream catching. Call LyndaFit at 262-672-9955 and start catching those dreams!