Strength Train On-the-Go

Strength Train On-the-Go

A common misconception is that strength training can only be done at the gym.  That is so untrue!  Even with the busiest lifestyle you can strength train on-the-go using lightweight, affordable equipment and some common sense.

Resistance cables are lightweight, elastic cables that provide varying degrees of resistance.  Manufacturers color code the cables to indicate varying “strengths”.  One company, Spri, color codes using yellow as the lightest resistance, best for seniors or children, green as slightly stronger resistance, and the colors red, blue and black as progressively stronger.

Since resistance cables are light, they are easy to take along on a walk, use in your own yard while the kids are playing, or pack in a suitcase to take on vacation (yes - strength train on vacation).

When you use a cable outdoors find a smooth, round pole or tree to loop the cable around.  Rough or sharp surfaces will create small rips that gradually turn into large rips.

Outdoor Strength Train Rows
Walk a quarter mile then get a quick set of rows in to work your back.

Outdoor Strength Train Chest Press
Watch your form and stay focused during chest press.

Outdoor Strength Train Bicep Curls
Finish your workout with bicep curls while the children are playing.

Strength training boosts metabolism by up to 15% and elevates endorphins, the “feel good” hormone. So don’t get too busy or distracted that you skip a workout and miss these two great benefits.  Stay toned and fit wherever you are by strength training on-the-go.