Beverage Calories Count

Beverage Calories Count

After a crazy morning of Christmas shopping you just want to reward yourself. You got some pretty good bargains today and deserve this break. A comforting mug of hot chocolate or a popular hot coffee drink at your favorite coffee shop sounds perfect. Or, while attending one of many Christmas parties this month you have a glass of Riesling. If you aren’t careful you may be drinking in more calories than you realize. Beverage calories count.

Here is how some of our favorite holiday beverages weigh-in on calories:

Grande (16 o) Starbucks Hot chocolate 370 calories
Grande (16 oz) Starbucks Chestnut Praline Latte 330 calories
12 oz can of regular Coke 140 calories

Some holiday party choices also carry a lot of calories:

6 oz Reisling 138 calories
6 oz Merlot 144 calories
16 oz Beer 204 calories
Cosmo Martini 250 calories
Margarita on the rocks 150 calories

You can still visit your favorite coffee shop to relax and enjoy a warm mug of serenity. Starbucks Grande (16 oz) Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea with teaspoon of honey is only 20 calories. Actually, nearly any tea with just a teaspoon of honey is about 20 calories, and a much healthier option.

Holiday parties can also have delicious, lo-cal choices. A sangria mocktail, made with white grape juice, cranberry juice, lemon lime sparkling seltzer water, and chopped fresh fruit is a festive alternative with 80-85 calories a glass.

This is a wonderful time of year to enjoy our friends and family at parties and potlucks. Just be mindful of what is in your glass or mug because beverage calories count!