Identify Your Eating Alter Ego

Various Snacks

Most of us know what we like to snack on, but maybe we haven’t clearly identified where or why. Here’s how to identify your eating alter ego.

Nervous Nibbler

Are you a nervous nibbler? You find yourself snacking when life gets stressful and before you know it you’re carrying an extra five or ten pounds. The next time you’re in crisis and start walking to the refrigerator, keep walking. That’s right. A quick five minute walk can clear your head so problem solving becomes much easier AND it keeps you away from the snacks.

Mindless Muncher

Are you a mindless muncher? As the ultimate multitasker you pore over spreadsheets during lunch. Maybe you devour a donut or two during the Monday morning meeting. Be in the moment. The extra focus you direct at the project or meeting will help increase the quality of work. And there’s a bonus. When you do stop to have a healthy lunch, stop to have lunch. Savor each bite and enjoy the experience. By being in the moment you can reduce your stress and reduce your waistline.

Social Snacker

Are you a social snacker? You don’t want to be rude so you eat everything at the tailgate party. Certainly enjoy your time at the stadium, but go with an easy strategy in mind. Don’t want to be rude? Still try everything at the tailgate party, but a small sample. Another suggestion - have that tailgate party a little farther from the gate. Those extra steps will burn a few extra calories.

Identifying your eating alter ego is only half the battle. Having and implementing your action plan will keep you on track toward your wellness goals.