Peaceful Sunrise Over a Lake

All of us can easily identify the stressors in our lives. Our minds can quickly go to the situations or the people that make us crazy. When we go there can’t we just feel our fists clench and our blood pressure rise? What is it that restores your soul?  How do you find peace? And, more importantly, can you go there just as quickly?

Peaceful Places

Chuck Hein's photography captures the beauty of places where I grew up. He has shared a sunrise over the glistening waters of Lake Huron that was so beautiful I could almost feel the gentle breeze. A photo of a simple morel mushroom whisked me back forty years to mushroom picking with my dad. Both photos triggered a flood of memories that restored my serenity and peace.

Happy People

There are some people that make me smile. Paula Stack and I had an entire nail salon laughing at our animated conversation. It was as if we saw each other yesterday, not three years ago. I carried that smile with me the entire day. Do you know someone that makes you smile?

Identify the people or places that take you from the storms of stress into the sunshine of serenity. These things may not remove your problem, but can give you a tranquil mind that is uncluttered enough to solve the stressful problem. Maybe then you will have the freedom to live the life you want.